OTOW Improver Line Dancers - 2021/22 Dances
Let's Have Fun


Askin' Questions, 11/8
Beautiful Goodbye, 1/10
Coastin', 3/14
Cold Heart, 10/4
Corn, 11/29
Crazy What Love Can Do, 5/2
Dance Without a Partner, 1/17
Danger Twins, 3/7
Everywhere, 1/3
Foolish Heart, 11/29
Greener Grass, 3/28
Gypsy Queen, 1/31
Hard to Say Goodbye, 2/14
Here We Go, 11/1
Homecoming Queen, 5/24
I Got You, 9/27
I'm on My Way, 3/7
Irish Stew, 3/7
Keep the Dream Alive, 1/24
Love Me or Leave Me, 1/31
Nickajack, 4/11
Pardon My French, 3/21
Poco Loco, 5/2
Portland Cha, 6/6
Raised Like That, 12/6
Reunited, 7/6
Same Boat, 9/13
She Don't Know, 4/4
Southern Dreams, 9/13
Suda, 12/27
Sun on a Black Sky, 10/25
Through Your Eyes, 6/13
Til the Neons Gone, 6/6
'Til You Can't, 2/7
Wave on Wave, 12/27
Where Oh Where, 9/20
Wonderland Waltz, 10/18
Would Have Loved Her, 10/4



Notice: All Line Dance activities have been cancelled for this week due to tropical storm/hurricane Ian. That includes practices on Wednesday, dancing at the square on Thursday and the B1/B2 extra dance session on Friday.

Pictures of the Last Classes of the Year

Pictures from the Good Times Line Dance Workshop, Spring Hill

Pictures from the October Dance